Top Technology Trends To Learn In The Year 2020

21 November, 2020     6 min read

The year 2020 is promising year for Technology and innovations around the world. In this article we discuss the Top Technology trends to learn in the year 2020
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is within the first place of the Top Technology trends in the year 2020. Nowadays, computers have brilliant skills to think, examine, and study with none human intervention.
In this current technological world, numerous contributions of AI are often seen, for instance , Google Assistant and Siri.
Artificial Intelligence is used to schedule trains, forecast maintenance and production costs, evaluate business threats and hazards, and recover energy productivity. AI is deemed to be mounting fame and demand has protected the highest place in 2020.

IoT (Internet of Things)

On learning IoT, you’ll easily get the talents on data analytics, device knowledge, cloud computing, automation, embedded systems and lots of more.
Some of the IoT wearable devices which may be seen within the market in today’s trend are Fitbit Smart Watch, Sleep Tracker, Smart Bracelet, and Activity Tracker. Few experts have mentioned that there are very fewer people trained within the trending technology IoT and hence, the necessity for IoT specialists in today’s market is high. It is extensively used in Automobiles sector, Health and Retail businesses.

Machine Learning

AI features a subset called Machine Learning. With the assistance of Machine Learning, you’ll program the computers to learn and do something that they’re not programmed to perform such things.

Networks, and Deep Learning. of these domains are very specific to a career offering various opportunities to grow in Machine Learning technology. The trending technology
Machine Learning is quickly deployed in many industries and hence producing a huge demand for experts in 2020.


DevOps may be a viewpoint that mixes processes with development and various tools to enable cooperative change.
DevOps growth has already made momentous progress among numerous industries within the past few years, and this is often getting to continue in 2020 extensively. The transformation to DevOps needs an entire application re-architecture or be able to adopt the technology replacement.
DevOps is predicted to succeed in to subsequent level with server-less architecture. On successful implementation of server-less architecture, you’ll easily reduce the prices, guarantee robust workflow and save time.


Angular is fastest growing Front End Framework developed by Google, used in developing Single Page Applications (SPA’s) for both Web and Mobile platforms. It is used to develop high performance applications, In 2020, on completing the Angular study, you’ll be allowed to create extremely sensitive, stunning, high-performance UIs in an intentional manner.

Instead of writing instructions on the method of manipulating the DOM, you’ll simply define the finishing state, add the specified business logic and now you’re done. There would be some minor changes and enhancements done to the Angular in 2020 in comparison to the 2019 versions.

Video Streaming apps, Travel apps, content websites are getting excellent demand within the future and that’s where Angular works out. 0.5 % of internet sites are using the technology Angular and approximately .93% market share are often seen.


Blockchain technology may be a technology to remain in and one among the Top Technology trends to learn in the year 2020. It is fundamentally a digital record utilized to record transactions but protected due to its encoded and regionalized nature.

To explain in simple words, blockchain are often defined as data that you simply are going to be ready to only add, but impossible to vary or deduct you’ll not be ready to modify the previous blocks and that’s how your data is secured through this excellent technology.
In 2020, Blockchain would assist you in sharing the records safely, upgrading the availability chain management, fraud prevalent, and streamline accounting.

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