How does HR Automation save time and money?

05 June, 2022     6 min read

The future of HR involves AI, allowing businesses to focus on their most important tasks. Less time spent on tedious administrative tasks equals more productive employees. In fact, companies employing AI, such as HR Automation, have witnessed a 32% increase in employee productivity. Investing in HR automation will not only give employers more freedom, but it will save both time and money


  • Less time spent on hiring processes

With ATS (applicant tracking system), there is more fairness during recruiting. This limits bias when looking to hire new employees and saves time on which candidates are properly qualified. Job applications and interviews are all managed and stored on file, saving time on organizing potential candidates. New hires can be onboarded faster with these automated processes, allowing them to adjust to the company and be on payroll more efficiently. 

  • Less Time Spent on Mundane Tasks

Mundane tasks, such as background checks and employee referrals, can be replaced by HR automation software. This allows employers to redirect employees towards more updating training procedures or preparing for the future. Employees can focus more on objectives that the business would prefer to spend more time on. 

  • Less Time Spent on Tedious Works

Employee lives are made easier from not spending time on tedious work. They’re able to feel more productive and have the ability to focus on larger, more important tasks. SWARMHR automated software helps encourage even more productivity by incorporating time and status management, team management, and tasks management. 


  • less costs from Paper

With paperless documentation from HR Automation, there’s no need for printing, copying, or filing large amounts of paper. Employers can save money by switching to a software that stores all files in an organized and secure manner. In doing so, the chances of documents being lost, damaged, or in need of replacement are decreased. 

  • Less costs from Human Error

There are naturally more chances for errors to occur when accounting and payroll is managed manually. Employers may also overlook any employees who fill out forms incorrectly or miss information. Employers can save huge legal costs because these errors can be detected faster from automation.

  • Cost comparison Before and After HR automation 

Before: The average organization usually spends $20 per paper to file a document. Then, it costs $120 to search for each lost document. Lastly, it costs $220 to recreate the document.

After: Automating onboarding procedures can help decrease costs by 80,000 dollars per year. Businesses can get more employee referrals by 46%. Referrals save 20,000 dollars per year

As more businesses are incorporating more technology and AI processes, it is useful to consider how these tools can be beneficial. With a range of features, HR automation can save time and money, taking your business to the next level.

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