Updates in v1.8.0

Employee-Manager relation can now be updated using the employee profile interface.
Users can now Sign In to SWARM HR using a redesigned login page which provides enhanced security.
Complete re-design of the home page. SWARM HR home page is now more intuitive, interactive and updates more frequently.
QuickBooks Integration now supports uploading invoice attachments from SWARM HR to QuickBooks.
Minor UI changes and performance improvements to weekly timesheet history.
Disabled employees will no longer receive emails related to case management module.


Updates in v1.7.0

When a new work address is added to the employee’s profile, all the previous addresses will be ended and the current address will be updated.
Modified UI of Weekly Timesheet when printed. Selected date range is only displayed instead of displaying the entire week timesheet.
Modified UI of Weekly Timesheet History. Added a new field for selecting employee name in addition to date range. Timesheet history will be opened in a new window without listing history of all employees.
Modified UI of “My Case” page. Added option to view case details for closed cases. Fixed email and name display in case information.
Added a new invoice type that supports flexible date selection when generating invoices.

1. New Feature – Quick Books Integration
SWARM HR now offers integration with Quick Books. This will allow our clients to synchronize SWARM HR data with Quick Books.
Data that can be synchronized with Quick Books includes Vendors, Clients, and Invoices.

2. New Feature – Payroll Data
This module will export employee data related to generation of payroll to an excel file. Employee data can be generated for a selected duration.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bug related to employee department association. Employee details were not being loaded when an employee is selected while adding to a department.
Fixed bug related to new project creation.
Fixed bug in Employee log module when viewing logs related to the PunchIn application.
Fixed bug in timesheet attachment email (file extension missing)
Fixed bug related to missing download button in immigration documents.


Updates in v1.6.3

1. Added download option in Employee Documents.
2. Documents being downloaded will have their original file names instead of generic ones.
3. Increased case management file upload size from 50MB to 100MB.
4. Modified UI of Reports module and improved page load time.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed error in Status Report generation for some users.
2. Fixed error when creating profiles from Admins & HRs page.


Updates in v1.6.0

HR need not specify username when creating employee profile. Username is auto generated.
Added end date as additional parameter in home and work addresses. Users can edit start date and end date of all addresses in their history.
Added start date as additional parameter in the employee’s profile information. Super Admin can edit his/her start date. Other users cannot edit their start date.
Added a new option to use client address when associating projects to employee profile. Using this option will create a new record in the work address history of the employee.
Project assignment has been removed from the “Projects” page. Starting version 1.6.0, projects can be assigned to employees using the employee profile or from the “Data Exchange” interface.

New Features – Data Exchange
This module aims to provide support for bulk import/export of organization data.
Using this interface, users can import/export data related to vendors, clients, suppliers, employees, projects, departments, and project association.
All records can be imported/exported from/to an excel file.