History of Change Log

Updates in v1.22.4

  • Bug Fix: While Updating the candidate profile “State” field in not updating
  • Filter Duplicate emails while “add alias” and show validations like “already Alias or email exists”
  • Allow Hr person to remove a individual associated to a manager.
  • In time sheet reports  validate the project start date.
  • A Null Pointer Error occurred in SWARM.
  • Change flc links in configuration to https instead of http
  • Add Memorandum# to the all the PAF Prepare docs
  • Additional Wok site location in LCA page of the PAF Prepare document
  • A Null Pointer Error occurred in SWARM. Following is the error message
  • Name of the vendors should be in alphabetical order.
  • Integrate Status reports in “My Documents” and “Employee Documents”.
  • Implement “Email-Signature” Alias  “Active email id’s in “E-signature” module “Your -mail” field as a Drop down to select.

Updates in v1.22.3

  • Multiple Mangers per Employee “add” and ” delete” new Feature
  • Date Picker Null issues fixed for “Claim Expenses”,”Cash advance”, “casemanagement”,and “My Tasks”
  • Duplicate “form” mail Add alias Issue Resolved.

Updates in v1.22.2

  • In time sheet reports validate the project start date Issue Fixed
  • One resource should have multiple managers Fixed
  • Pagination of vendor search results  Fixed
  • Trim white spaces while adding/updating employee’s to the organisation Fixed
  • Ability to select from existing addresses fixed
  • As an super admin i can able to edit documents info irrespective of persons upload the documents at case documents under case management
  • Invoices Time based Invoices attachments Maximum upto 10 Files fixed.
  • My Messages duplicate Email validation.
  • Integrate status report in “My documents” and “Employee documents”

Updates in v1.22.0

  • Added Department name Column in Payroll report and in Time-sheet report
  • In my candidates of “Documents” tab issue on Document’s view shows “Document error” Issue Fixed.
  • In my candidates of “Resume” tab issue on Resume view shows “Document error”Issue Fixed.
  • Added FLC link for Wage Rate Limits while certifying LCA
  • Auto Save the paf file when the paf prepares signs and moves on to the next page.
  • Approve Expenses Issue Resolved for “Null pointer exception”.
  • When there is no employee exists in the organisations “Null point Exception” Issue resolved.

Updates in v1.21.9

  • Causing Null pointer Exception when there is no pdf file for Supplier payment
  • Supplier attachment file uploaded by name has to display.Added code changes for suppliername_employeename
  • Issue was with Candidate Submission without selecting Requirement from the drop-down (with Supplier Login).
  • We made the Requirement selection is mandatory for both Select Box as well as from type ahead.
  • In Ats supplier portal while sending mails “to” has default name, Fixed.
  • Send from email for user logged email.

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