Updates in v1.9.1

Admins will now have an option to download employee directory data
Improved UI of Employee Directory.
Added job title as additional column when exporting employee data.
Increased file upload size of employee documents from 25MB to 50MB.
Improved performance of employee data export.
Users can see other users who have access to a specific folder in File System.
Fixed bug related to timesheets when admin creates timesheets for employees.
Following features have been de-activated and will no longer be functional:
a. Add employee
b. Employee Status
c. Employee Documents
d. ID Card Generator


Updates in v1.9.0

New options have been added to Timesheet and Invoice reports.
New reports for missing timesheets and missing invoices.
Provision to send reminders for missing timesheets and invoices.
Fixed bug related to accessing approved timesheets.
Users can access the changes made to the current version by clicking the version number below SWARM logo.
Users can access documentation by clicking the help-icon in the bottom panel of the sidebar

New Feature – Employee Directory
Employee Directory provides a searchable, and easy to use interface to view real-time information of all active employees within your organization.
For regular users, this will be a great way to connect, and network with your colleagues.
For Admins, this will be your one-stop solution to add new employees, manage their access, reset passwords, access ID Cards, documents, and many more operations.
This new feature will replace the following 4 features:
a. Add employee
b. Employee Status
c. Employee Documents
d. ID Card Generator


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