How to Navigate the Transition Back to the Workplace

(5 min read) As the COVID-19 situation has previously challenged employers to navigate working from home, the call to transition back to the workplace may be just as difficult. However, there are ways to ease the process, allowing businesses to run smoothly and effectively as possible.  1. Compliance Support During a time of uncertainty, it …

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Updates in v1.23.7

Time sheet creation Starts From “Sunday,Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday “ Invoice creation based on “Invoice start” day. From “Sunday,Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday “ Payment’s module bug fixes – pagination, search functionality implementation. Employee Calendar bug fixes – Anniversary count display like 1st,2nd anniversary Expenses Invoices – Invoice Create based project, manager …

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Updates in v1.23.0

Time sheet Report End Date Missed time sheets Hours Fixed. Invoice Module “closed invoices” download csv file issue fixed). Fixed SQL error when a manager doesn’t have employee to view in approve time sheets Able to extract supplier contacts Able to extract vendors contacts In”Project association” On view project details Hide from “bill rate” to “Invoice footer”

Updates in v1.22.9

Project Association – Save Organisation name, User time sheet type, time sheet attachments, status report in(table). While update the employee profile information(first name ,last, updated changes are not show in admin&hr group module. As a Account Manager on Suppliers contacts I can able to view linkedin & skype info. As a Account Manager on …

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Updates in v1.22.7

De-activate a project in Swarm HR, will it deactivate a project in QB Online. SP-951 A SQL Error occurred in SWARM.(Vendor search). A Null Pointer Error occurred in SWARM.on Documents Controller. Fixed Multi selection check-boxes feature is not working as expected in “manage-team” module in hr access Invoice Mail Delivery Failure. Associate LCA to an existing employee on the LCA List page Lookup and link employee during LCA creation INACTIVATE the Projects that are over in Swarm HR  right now …

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Updates in v1.22.5

In Active and Active Projects List in Account Manager Privileges Generate Checklist document for PAF file Add the instructions page to the PAF pdf and the PAF prepare screen External submissions,Internal submissions  and closed submissions scrolling and pagination issue

Updates in v1.22.4

Bug Fix: While Updating the candidate profile “State” field in not updating Filter Duplicate emails while “add alias” and show validations like “already Alias or email exists” Allow Hr person to remove a individual associated to a manager. In time sheet reports  validate the project start date. A Null Pointer Error occurred in SWARM. Change flc links in configuration to https instead of http Add Memorandum# to the all the PAF Prepare docs Additional Wok site location in LCA page of the PAF Prepare document A …

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Updates in v1.22.3

Multiple Mangers per Employee “add” and ” delete” new Feature Date Picker Null issues fixed for “Claim Expenses”,”Cash advance”, “casemanagement”,and “My Tasks” Duplicate “form” mail Add alias Issue Resolved.

Updates in v1.22.2

In time sheet reports validate the project start date Issue Fixed One resource should have multiple managers Fixed Pagination of vendor search results  Fixed Trim white spaces while adding/updating employee’s to the organisation Fixed Ability to select from existing addresses fixed As an super admin i can able to edit documents info irrespective of persons upload the documents at case documents under case management Invoices Time based Invoices attachments Maximum upto 10 …

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Updates in v1.22.0

Added Department name Column in Payroll report and in Time-sheet report In my candidates of “Documents” tab issue on Document’s view shows “Document error” Issue Fixed. In my candidates of “Resume” tab issue on Resume view shows “Document error”Issue Fixed. Added FLC link for Wage Rate Limits while certifying LCA Auto Save the paf file when the paf prepares signs and moves on to …

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