Proven Recruitment strategies To Attract top Talent in 2022

10 August, 2022     6 min read

recruitment strategies

In the past, recruitment was all about finding an employee that would fit the job description. While this method has worked in the past, it is time to think differently. We need to look at recruitment not only as a way to find employees but also as a way to attract talent. Every organization’s HR department is responsible for creating a plan for recruitment that is efficient. But, how do you create a recruitment strategy that helps you to attract top talent? Before we learn about the 7 recruitment strategies, let us define a recruitment strategy. 

What is a recruitment strategy?

A recruitment strategy is a plan to attract, select and hire the right people for your organisation. 

There are many different types of recruitment strategies. One of the most popular is the contingency approach. This strategy entails hiring candidates who have both the necessary experience and skills for a position when they become available in order to avoid having to go through lengthy and expensive recruitment processes again in the future. 

Below are the Top Recruitment Strategies 2022 

 Video interviews 

Video interviews are becoming a popular recruitment strategy. In fact, they’re already being used by some of the world’s biggest companies to recruit new employees and find out more about candidates. So why is this the case? 

Video interviews have several advantages over traditional interviews, including: 

They’re cheaper than traditional interviews because there are fewer people involved in the process, so less time and money are required for each candidate. 

They’re more efficient because you can review more candidates at once and get to know them better as individuals. This means you’ll be able to make better decisions about who you want to hire. 

You can use video interviews to help you assess personality traits and interview skills that might not be easy to see in person (such as communication skills). 

 Analytics and predictive hiring 

In the past, hiring managers relied on intuition and gut feelings to make hiring decisions. Over time, this process evolved into a more rigorous process that focused on recruiting candidates who possessed certain skills and experience. Today, however, there are tools available that can help recruiters find prospects with the right skillsets and background. 

Recruiters can use predictive analytics to help them make better hiring decisions by identifying candidates who have the right skill sets for an open position. In addition, employers can use predictive analytics to predict which candidates are likely to perform well in their new roles. 


 Employee referrals 

Employee referrals are a great way to hire talented people. The problem is that not all employees will have the same relationships with their friends and colleagues, which means you’ll need to find an approach that works for your company and its culture. 

Here are some tips for getting the most out of employee referrals: 

Make it easy for employees to refer candidates: If they don’t know how, ask them! Employees want to help, so make sure they know what information you need and how they can get it. Remind them that it’s in their best interest if the candidate gets hired.   

Create a referral program: Offer incentives or rewards for referring good candidates. But do this only if you’re confident that your internal candidates are great hires. If you can’t guarantee success, don’t offer rewards — they could backfire and turn off potential referrers altogether. 

Give employees a chance to meet candidates before making a decision: Showing someone around your office makes them feel more comfortable about making a recommendation (and also gives them insight into whether or not this person would fit in). 


 Social recruiting will be a key player in 2022. 

Social media has been a major factor in the recruitment process for many companies. It is the most effective way to reach out to potential candidates and find them online. In addition, it has become a platform for people to share their thoughts about their current job or employer. 

Companies can use social media as a recruiting tool by creating content that will attract talent from different backgrounds and industries. 


 Employer branding  

How prospective employees see your organisation and its reputation is essential for ensuring that you attract the best talent. Put in the effort to create the perfect company image. Ensure sure the image also reflects your culture. Employers with a high brand reputation attract top talent. 


 Chatbots can automate engagement. 

Chatbot technology is rapidly becoming a powerful recruitment tool. This is because chatbots can automate engagement with potential candidates, which helps to reduce the time spent on recruitment processes. 

Chatbots can be integrated into many different recruitment channels such as: 

Email marketing – providing automated responses to potential candidates 

Social media – engaging with potential candidates on their preferred platforms  

Recruitment websites – promoting jobs and candidate profiles to users of job boards, social media profiles and other websites that are relevant to the job description 


 Prioritize employee engagement 

Employees are the backbone of every company. They are the ones who contribute to the success of a company. So, it is important that they stay happy and productive at work. To do this, companies should make sure that their employees are happy and satisfied with their jobs. They can do this by providing them with opportunities to learn new skills, create new workflows and share ideas for improvement. . 


 Leverage AI and machine learning 

There are many recruitment strategies that can be implemented to reduce costs, increase productivity and streamline the hiring process. Recruitment strategies include: 


-Using AI to find candidates

  • Reducing the number of interviews required
  • Automating the hiring process
  • Improving candidate matching 
  • Recruiting at scale
  • Using machine learning to improve candidate matching


 Make your offer stick with a job portal 

Another one of the most used recruitment strategies is posting wanted posts on job portals, or just browsing the listed candidates on job portals. More and more people are putting up their resumes and details on job portals in the hope of finding the right employer. 


 Embrace mobile recruiting 

Mobile recruiting is the future of recruitment, and if you’re not embracing it now, you will be left behind. 

Mobile recruiting is all about using technology to engage with candidates and make their experience more positive. It can take a lot of different forms, from apps to websites to messaging systems, but they all share the same goal: to reduce the friction in the recruitment process and make it easier for candidates to find jobs and apply. 

If you want to embrace mobile recruiting, there are five things that you need to do:

  • Set up a mobile app that works across devices
  • Develop a mobile website
  • Create a mobile landing page
  • Build an email campaign that’s tailored for mobile devices
  • Make sure your site displays correctly on mobile devices


Developing successful recruitment strategy and then implementing it effeciently takes some practise. 

It’s critical to understand the importance of effective recruitment methods to your overall HR strategy.

Using technology to facilitate the implementation of your intended recruitment methods is proven approach to raise the 
chance that your strategy will be successful. 
Make sure you are aware of the contributions that the HRM vendor makes when choosing the technology you intend to use.

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