ATS Features

New Opportunity to Candidates

ATS Candidates

This feature allows candidates to submit their profile to requirements and also other candidates can apply for jobs. We can schedule interviews for candidates to the requirement. and finally we can Call, SMS and email to the candidates through our application

ATS Requirements

These requirements are a way to process candidates . By this feature we can share requirements to candidates and they can apply to this job requirement. From requirements we can post to Career page, Social connect and Dice by using this feature. For this requirement having the end user also to submit their candidates.

ATS Submissions

In Submissions we can process the submitted candidates to vendor submission, and we can schedule interviews for candidates to the submitted requirement. we can share a mail request to submit their RTR form and 1min self introduction video. In this we can track the submission and also we can close the submission.

ATS Interviews

This feature allows us to schedule an interview for the submitted candidate to a requirement and we can share that scheduled interview to the candidate and others to mails on regarding the selection process

ATS References

This feature can help us, if any reference is there for the candidate we can verify by giving an external link to the reference email.

ATS Customers

Customer feature allows us to create a new Customers, Clients, Suppliers and Contacts and supporting the set of documents to upload and share via mail

ATS Social Connect

In this feature we can connect to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter to post a job to these social media sites through our application.

ATS JobBoards

This feature allows users to migrate the candidates from other sites like dice, Career builder, Monster, Naukri and Linkedin and Here we can migrate the candidates resumes to our candidates feature. And also we are compare the similar resumes

ATS Reports

In this feature we are supporting Call report, Bulk email report, Profile migration report, Desktop monitoring report, and CPES report.

Call report

Call report is used to collect the data of users based on number of inbound calls, outbound calls, inbound call times, outbound call times and we are storing total number of calls.

Bulk email Report

Bulk email supports collection of shared requirements to candidates, in this report we are supporting total number of mails shared by the user based on provided start date and end date.

Profile migration report

Profile migration report supports collection of migrated profiles from the job boards like dice, career builder, monster, naukri etc.

Desktop monitoring report

Desktop monitoring report supports collection of productive hours and idle time hours of an employee.

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